Sunglasses: The trends of the summer 2018

Sunglasses: The trends of the summer 2018

A breeze from Emmanuelle on your sunglasses… Check out my retro and trendy selection.

And yes, as you notice we are surfing a 70 's atmosphere breeze this summer.

For that, I made a small selection of the most trendy models that you will go out each year.

We love the round model of Janis Joplin, the XXL glasses of Françoise Hardy, the butterflies of Jerry Hall, the cat eyes of Debbie Harry or the aviator of Farrah Fawcett 

The butterflies of Jerry HallDebbie Harry's Cat Eyes The Aviator of Farrah Fawcett... 

Timeless models that will be found their binomial in your wardrobe, the small bohemian dresses, the straw totes, the sneakers (yes, yes)

We just flew over the trend this summer, that's it! It smells good holidays, lazing and hot sand! To do this again it would be necessary that the beautiful days arrive in Nice.

You also find that the weather has not spoiled us this year?!!! (What is this?!)

In any case, it is not done in Gailhac (point of accent… Southern), I found the ultimate weapon: Self tanning (yes, I hear you from there: Ahhh no spring carrot…. Hey, not that one! 

 An apricot complexion, feel free to take a ride on the "Beauty" section to learn more about my favorite self-tanning here.

On that, I leave you with BB:

"On the abandoned beach
Shellfish and crustaceans
Who would have thought it deplores the loss of summer
Who has since gone…. "

Cheers with Love, Gailhac.

Ma sélection

2,68 €
Lunettes de Soleil Femme Rétro
Lunettes de soleil léopard femme
2018 NOUVEAU Lunettes de soleil vintage
23.86 €
Lunettes de soleil Ill.i Optics by Forme Papillon Noires brillantes
75.00 €
Lunettes De Soleil Oversize Stle 70’s
Lunettes de soleil Cheapass Rondes Wayfarer Branchées
9,99 EUR
Oversized Lunettes De Soleil Pour Femmes Classique Luxe Plastique Modernes
9,88 EUR
Balinco Femmes Lunettes de soleil aviateur
11,90 EUR
Givenchy GV
217,50 €
Vintage Cat femme Optyl – élégance (Terri Brogan)
33,07 €
Max Mara lunettes de soleil
150,80 €

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