The Prophet of Khalil Gibran

The Prophet of Khalil Gibran

The Prophet of Khalil Gibran: A book that can change your vision of Life, for the Best!

Before speaking in detail about this cult book “The Prophet” published in 1923 by the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, I would like to tell you a little anecdote (View the size of the article..little , little … lol) which happened to me due to this book.

At that time I was working in Kuwait, I was a stylist non-stops traveling through the Middle East and Europe. The incessant comings and goings that strangely brought me to develop a phobia of airplane.

Awesome, everything I needed! I lived an expatriate life for 5 years, far and rare was the time to fully enjoy my family and friends.

When you live far away from everything because of your personal choice, you’re always torn by a feeling of selfishness for wanting to live enriching experiences at the expense of being present for others.

Then comes the frustration of having to pay the price of absence and lack.

Basically, I was afraid of crashing into a plane, alone, without cocktails and chiffonnade in the middle of a desert country.

All this for the simple fact of having chosen to base my life on a career and others things,  without much benefited from the people I love and especially, missed the opportunity to tell them.

During a period like that of doubts, my friend Aurélie visited me in Kuwait for holidays (yes, yes, she did <3). Spoiled , she brought me all the things that I miss from our beautiful France, then told that my friend Azeline sent me a package with her as well.

I did not open it immediately, what a nice surprise … Books!

I’ve always loved those friends, you know those who guess your emotions, instead of engaging in long, barren conversations on the phone. (In the end, we always do what we do not need!)

Those who simply give you a message, it is nothing more beautiful than by the knowledge!

Good and if not sosss ……. She lays her story ?!

So I go to Greece, I have a photo-shoot to produce for a client, 90 kilos of suitcases and a box of Xanax,  (my fire extinguisher for Airplane!) We are good! In the airport, I begin to read this book and I will not go out until I finish it.

I sit on the plane, we take off calmly, I decide not to take my magic pill, an hour later over Saudi Arabia begins turbulence … Haha my face .. .

The pilot reminds the crew and announces that we will cross a sandstorm (hahaha even better .. Sweat level +++ !!!).

I look at my window suddenly it goes to orange … Then everything darkens …

That’s it, I know it, it’s the end! (I’m going to eat the entire tabs …) I look around me people look ok and I said to myself darling, don’t you’re not tired of being a chicken, resume into your reading and it will pass.

I finished the book, I’m still in the middle of this storm and suddenly a feeling of calm invaded me, no it’s not the end, I still have a photo-shoot to finish and a future to draw so no no, my destiny isn’t that !

This episode lasted a while, flight attendants were seated for an hour which does not reassure people like me! A Miracle happened, this book will tell you fables of life, stories where you will recognize yourself and if you are a bit spiritual deep down in your soul, you would end up telling you that this man had understood everything.

That day, my fear disappeared, and I started to live better! Sometimes by trying to avoid any scary situation or just being drown into fear you’re actually missing on good times …

So if you have doubts in life, a little depression, questions of course, go get this book, perhaps, it will work miraculously for you too.

Ps: Since then I don’t do my chicken tour on the plane, I finally quieted some parts of my story …

Thank you to my friends: Aurélie who traveled and shared her vacation 5000 km away in my sandbox and Azeline for all hes sensitivity and kindness, I love you.

Alright I leave you from now, feel free to react and share your story if you too have a book who changed your view of things.

See you soon with love, Gailhac

The Prophet: Original Unedited Edition (Anglais)

The Prophet: Original Unedited Edition (Anglais)Le Prophète (Broché)Le Prophète

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