Chlorella: The Algae detox purifying!

Today I will tell you about the Chlorella! You don’t know? So I tell you everything in this new article on this benefactor algae and purifying.

First it is perfect for those who like to eat life full-tooth! Chlorella improves the effectiveness of the immune system and boosts your overall health.

Effective also if you have a dental amalgam with mercury, you have been vaccinated or you eat a lot of fish. In fact, your body may need a heavy metal detoxification.

Finally, you want to do a background detox, diet, you‘re vegan it’s around here = = >

So this little miraculous algae is what?

First, the chlorella was discovered in 1890, it is a small algae that differs from the Spirulina more known to all.

Already known to the Aztecs and some African tribes of the Great Lakes it has always been used in Asia. Thus, the Japanese consume daily chlorella. In fact, Chlorella would be the first food supplement in Japan.

This being the Chlorella is less known in Europe yet, yet its benefits deserve to be highlighted so much this small algae is a source of benefits endowed with exceptional nutritional virtues.

In fact, NASA has tested the chlorella for astronaut feeding in space station!

What are the virtues of Chlorella?

  • Major Source of protein: 60% plant protein
  • Also contains vitamins (A, B, C or E and B12) that are usually found in meat and dairy products.
  • Trace elements such as iron (100mg/g), zinc, selenium
  • Minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sulphur, and manganese)
  • Fibers that promote intestinal well-being
  • Omega 3 Essential fatty acids
  • One of the most chlorophyll-rich plants
  • Organic Chlorella, Antioxidant & anti-Aging

For Who? And why should we?

  • Antioxidant & Anti-aging: helps to reduce the signs of body ageing, its rich composition of vitamin A and C offers the skin a radiant complexion
  • Vegetarians and vegans thanks to its protein intake, complement
  • The diet: If you want to start a slimming diet, cut hungry it avoids cravings
  • Detox: It eliminates pollutants and helps to eliminate heavy metals (denture amalgam, mercury, capable of capturing those present in the stomach and in the intestine)
  • Digestion: It regulates the PH acid-base and, smoothly, accelerates the transit, it helps to reduce the bloating
  • Believed to be able to stimulate the immune system, it would accelerate cell growth and contribute to the maintenance of cell integrity
  • Remineralising and Disposal Properties
  • Chlorella fights constipation
  • Chlorella keeps the digestive system healthy
  • Regulates the excess acidity of the stomach which creates an ideal environment for pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi), and can damage tissues
  • Control of daily pollution: its chlorophyll inhibits the absorption of dioxins present in the diet and protects against their accumulation in the organism
  • Studies show that it can decrease hypertension.

What are the side effects?

Obviously chlorella and Spirulina have been proven totally harmless in consumption for humans or animals, even with high doses only a few small disturbances can appear at the beginning of the cure.

Chlorella will rapidly stimulate intestinal activity.

This is why at the beginning of taking, it is possible (10% of people) to feel possible bloating, headaches, sinusitis, joint pain, depressed mood, dizziness, tremors that disappear after a few days.

For this it is recommended to increase the doses quickly to increase the speed of elimination of the toxic products that Chlorella may have dislodged.

The side effects of the onset of Chlorella should disappear rapidly when doses are increased.

  • Not recommended for people who suffer from hemochromatosis
  • Do not take tea at the same time as the taking of chlorella, the tea limits the assimilation of the iron
  • Be careful for people with hypotension.

How to consume it at best?

It is recommended that Chlorella be taken daily throughout the year or at least two cures per year of 3 to 4 months in the spring and autumn.

At a rate of 2 G to 5 g of chlorella powder to be diluted in water, juice, milk, or any other milky beverage. You can also find Chlorella in capsule if you don’t like the taste of catnip!

Personally I drink it fast every morning in a glass of vanilla soy and it passes!

Chlorella, detox and purifying by GAILHAC official
Chlorella, detox and purifying by GAILHAC official

Ps: All Chlorellas on the market are not worth! I’ve put a few brand links that are reputable for their reliability and efficiency.

  • 2 Types of Chlorella: Vulgaris (easy to digest) and Pyrenoidosa (more effective on heavy metals). If the mark does not specify what kind, it hides something from you!
  • Make a mix of both: a Vulgaris and a Pyrenoidosa.
  • The culture must be done outdoors in Taiwan or Japan.
  • Its transformation by “pressure Release” or “Sound Vibration”.

Ref: Here

In addition, if you do research you will discover that Taiwan at the most expensive and clean Chlorella as well as Korea and Japan. So I would advise against China, which can be contaminated and without the necessary nutritional intake.

Once again, for a take of chlorella, if you have a doubt, ask the opinion of your doctor.

To conclude!

Here are the girls you know all about this seaweed after that, I just have to tell you some recipes to make Chlorella an ally of your health here or to discover the benefits of turmeric on your plate here!

Finally, if you also do a detox cure, tell us your experiences in a comment below.

Kiss, Love, Gailhac…

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Comprimés de Chlorella
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1200 Comprimés de Chlorelle (300g)
34,96 EUR
Poudre de Chlorella
25,99 €
Poudre de chlorella
25,97 EUR
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