The 10 depolluting plants, who want you well!

Oyé Oyé, today we are talking about the polluting plants of interior, which you want good! Indeed, in your room and living room you can counted on several plants to take care of purifying the air. It is the NASA researchers who confirm it!

What are the pollutants of the House that we undergo on a daily basis?

In fact, without you being able to report the pollution of indoor air has a very varied origins and is found in a lot of housing. Moreover, often we do not think about it but the building materials, floor coverings, walls, paints, varnishes, glues of wallpapers and carpets, agglomerated wood furniture, household cleaning products, deodorizers, fumes from Heating appliances and tobacco smoke insidiously pollute the air we breathe.

An overview of all the pollutants in your home:

  • Ammonia is related to household and DIY products.
  • Benzene emissions come from inks, paints, plastics, detergents, cigarette smokes, DIY products or furniture.
  • Formaldehyde results from the emanation of agglomerated wood panels, carpet glues, rock wool such as glass, upholstery textiles, wallpapers, as well as boilers and cigarette smoke.
  •  Carbon monoxide is the result of fumes, from the water heater through the burning of gas to cigarettes.
  • Toluene stems from the presence of varnishes, glues, carpets, carpets, wood treatments, so-called water products as well as soaps and lacquers.
  •  Xylene and trichloroethylene are found in glues, varnishes, paints and degreasing agents.

To sum up, this can have an impact on your health. In fact, at lower doses, they generate allergies, asthma attacks as well as headaches and nervousness. Finally, at high doses, they could have carcinogenic effects.

To counteract these harmful effects, nothing simpler than to select a few plants, which you find in all the garden, it is useful and in addition it is pretty for your interior.

So who are these particularly talented cleansing plants?

1-The Areca: an easy to live interior palm tree: Originally from Madagascar, it appreciates the nearby temperatures of 20 °c and can reach 1.5 meters in height. This palm absorbs CO2 and converts it into oxygen.

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2-The Sansevieria: the plant of your room! It transforms CO2 and converts it into oxygen overnight. From Africa and tropical countries such as India. The Sansevieria owes its name to the Italian prince Radovan di Sangro, a native of San Severo. It is an easy to maintain plant that requires little care.

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Important: It is best to place the Sansevieria out of the reach of children and animals, given its toxic potential. 

3-Ivy: The Philodendron-a small-absorbs formaldehyde as well: volatile chemical used in the manufacture known to cause certain cancers as well as toluene and carbon monoxide… Ultra resistant and easy to maintain: not much lighting, nor a lot of water. It is regularly sized to win in beauty and in effect.

4-The Spathiphyllum: no pollutant resists the spatiphyllum! A plant that produces very nice white flowers in coroles. She needs light to just bloom. Effective against benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, formaldehyde and ammonia… This plant is also a good ally in the house. Think about watering it regularly.

5-The Anthurium: ideal in the kitchen or the bathroom. In addition to being pretty, it is very effective against ammonia. For its well-being, it is particularly appreciative of the warm and humid atmospheres, so it is perfect in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

6-The Azalea (Rhododendron indicum): Ideal in the kitchen and the bathroom as well as the Anthurium it is very effective against ammonia. It appreciates the humid atmospheres, however the plant does not tolerate excess heat!


7-The Chlorophytum comosum: The whole plant is depolluting. One of the most effective! Chlorophytum absorbs many pollutants including formaldehyde and almost all carbon monoxide in 24 h. Very easy to maintain, it supports all the conditions of cultivation.

Air-So-Pure-Chlorophytum-' Atlantic-blog-gailhacofficial-Nice-Paris-depolluting-purifying '

8-The Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata ' Bostoniensis '): A star of depolluting plants. The Boston fern absorbs a large amount of xylene and formaldehyde every day. Another asset of the Boston fern: sprayed regularly, it helps to significantly elevate the humidity of overheated rooms.


9-The rider margined (D. marginata): The plant more than versatile! This species, characterised by long and thin red-lined leaves, eliminates the main pollutants of the house. Another interest of the rider margined, it is very easy to cultivate, even in mid-shade.

Le-Rider-margined-(D. marginata)-gailhacofficial-Blog-Nice-Frenchriviera-Paris-Plant-depolluting-purifying-air

10-Dieffenbachia: Its imposing foliage makes it as effective in the elimination of toluene and xylene and absorbs formaldehyde by its roots.


IMPORTANT: For your children and animals: the juice of leaves and stems contains a substance that can paralyze the tongue for a few hours. So put it at a certain height of any risk.

Conclusion on these cleansing plants:

I hope you will enjoy this article. Now all you have to do is jump to your local garden centre to make your interior a haven of green and clean air!

It is generally recommended to have between 4-6 plants per person in a whole house. If I had to make a choice:

  • The Areca, the Spathiphyllum, the Chlorophytum comosum:: In your living room.
  • Anthurium and Azalea: in your bathroom and kitchen
  • La Sansevieria: In your room, also think about Aloe Vera!

It should be remembered that the way to purify the air of a room is to aerate as regularly.

Finally, for those who want to know more about the many benefits of Aloe Vera, go here on another wellness article.

Also find links that I have selected, below to make you deliver these cleansing plants directly to you, without constraints!

From the kiss, to soon…. Gailhac.

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