The Oud the eroticism of an oriental fragrance…

The Oud the eroticism of an oriental fragrance…

I can not speak to you about the Middle East without evoking my perfume and incense preferred the wood of Oud.

Powerful, dark and mysterious are all qualifiers that describe this rare essence.

The Oud has the peculiarity of exhaling different scents, leather, wooded, smoked, animal and spicy.

My incense from Arabian Oud:

Adept of discrete scents abstain, the Oud is the scent that drunk in its passage. We hate him or we love him like a scent of mystery, bewitching…

As well used crude in wood shave as an incense in your house, it is also found in oil and water of raw perfume or marry to other scents in order to alleviate its power.

This very popular raw material in the Orient has been invading the creations of the greatest perfumers for a few months.

So this Oud, what’s his story?

Oud Wood, is also called agar, aloe, eagle, Calambac, Gaharu, as well as by many other names according to different cultures. Thus it is also called “The Wood of the gods” due to its fragrance, its virtues and its rarity.

We owe its scent to its fragrant, dark-coloured resin forming in the heart of the tree trunks most frequently found in the heart of the Southeast Asian forests.

Used in Asia for several centuries B.C., it is mainly used for its medicinal properties, its fragrance as well as its noble appearance, but also in art and religion.

The wood of oud is found in different forms mainly: In its crude form, in powder and in oil. Its faculties and its rarity make it one of the 10 most expensive woods in the world.

Nota bene: In France, king Louis XIV soaked his clothes in rose water, which had been previously boiled with oud wood.

Where do you find the Oud wood? Its different appellations?

Cambodia: “Chann Crassna”
Chinese Cantonese (Hong Kong): “Cham Heong”
Mandarin Chinese: “Chénxiāng”, “Chenshuixiang” and “Shuichenxiang”
India (Hindu): “Agar” or “Aguru”, but also “agor” or “Abogado” in Bengal
-Japan: “Jinkō” or “Jinkoh”. “Kyara” (Best quality)
Arab and Muslim countries: “Oud” or “Oodh” (عود)
Indonesia and Malaysia: “Gaharu”
-Saxon and Western countries: “Eagle Wood” or “Lignum Aquila” (Eagle Wood), “Agilawood” (Akila Wood), “Aloeswood” or “Lignum aloe” (Aloe wood), “agar wood” (agar wood), “Gaharu”, “Agila” (Akila)
Tibet: A-ga-RU), Single Eagle Wood (AR-ba-Zhig); Yellow Eagle Wood: (A-ga-ru ser-po), White Eagle Wood: (AR-Skya), finally Black Eagle Wood (AR-NAG)
Thailand: Mai Ketsana
Vietnam: “Trầm Hương”»

The wood of Oud and its multiple virtues:

Indeed the wood of Oud would be known to improve the mind, the psychic as well as the spirit:

  • Soothing and relaxing: it suppresses the negative energies of the body, and improves perception, reduces anxiety and invokes a sense of peace, vigor and harmony
  • Removing obsessive behavior: and helping to create harmony and balance in your home
  • Put in condition for meditation: The attainment of inner peace and serenity, use by Buddhist monks to make a connection between the functions of body and mind

The wood of Oud, and the invasion of the European market:

Indeed more and more perfumers integrate the wood of Oud in their creations. One of the most popular fragrances in the Oriental perfumery, has never ceased to conquer the world of luxury since ancient times.

Find below my selection of products available in France, in order to satisfy your curiosity.

I also recommend this brand Arabian Oud that I buy in Kuwait and available in France, my perfume as well as my incense come from here!

Arabian Oud is currently the reference sign in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. It perpetuates the art of perfume in the Oriental.

In Europe, the brand has shared this enthusiasm for this heritage by opening its first point of sale in London, on the famous Oxford Street. The shop is spread over two floors and offers more than 200 unique fragrances.

A very soon for new discoveries, meanwhile feel free to discover turmeric and its many medicinal and beauty properties here!

Cheers… Gailhac.

Ma sélection Oud

150,00 €
WOODY STYLE mon parfum
By Terry Eau de parfum Terryfic Oud l’eau 100 ml
Gucci Oud eau de parfum mixte 75 ml
198,00 €
Guerlain Oud Essentiel Eau de Parfum
146,00 €
John Varvatos John Varvatos Oud
Tom Ford Oud Wood homme
302,00 €
Oud Cambodi – Huile de Bois d’Agar pure en provenance du Cambodge (12 ml / 0.4 fl oz)
Bakhoor AL. Emarat Oud Copeaux de bois en pot de verre 50 gr
14,60 EUR
Oud – Huile de Bois d’Agar pure fragrance orientale (4 ml / 0.14 fl oz)
OUDH – BOIS D’AGAR – Savon Oud et Argile Rouge -100g – Fabrication Française
8,90 €
Paris Prix Bougie Parfumée 850g Bois De Oud
23,99 €
Compagnie des Senteurs et Parfums 1202099 Coffret de 3 Bougies dans Leurs Verres laqués Blanc sérigraphies Blanches – Parfums Assortis : Sable d’Orient – Encre d’Oud – Bois d’acajou
Parfum Shay & Blue Oud Alif concentré – 100 ml
Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire précieux Oud Eau de Parfum Spray 75 ml
94,99 €
Sterling slim EL Nabil 50 ml Eau de Parfum Oriental arabe Oud Misk Musc
18,99 €
Versace Oud Oriental Eau De Parfum pour Femme 100 ml
79,99 €


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